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united flow technologies

A nationwide team of water & wastewater treatment companies

UFT is dedicated to providing leading water & wastewater treatment equipment, flow control, automation & controls and engineered solutions to municipalities.
The United Flow Technologies Team
TESCO Controls Inc.
The Henry P Thompson Company
Shape Incorporated
Engineered Equipment Solutions
Newman Regency Group
Southwest Valve and Equipment
Macaulay Controls Company
Iowa Pump Works
Wisconsin Pump Works
Minnesota Pump Works
Hydro Controls
Industrial Wastewater Plant

About United Flow Technologies

United Flow Technologies is a platform established in July 2021 to invest in the municipal and industrial water and wastewater market. UFT has partnered with market leading businesses, MISCOwater, Tesco Controls, The Henry P. Thompson Company, Shape Incorporated, EES and Newman Regency Group to create a national provider of process, pump, automation & control, and other equipment solutions. And we’re just getting started making strategic partnerships to provide clean water across the country!

Our partnership with UFT has allowed MISCOwater to invest heavily in our team which has greatly accelerated our growth.  The partnership strengthens our brand and ability to attract top talent in the industry while providing exciting career advancement opportunities for our loyal associates.

Chris McCampbell

Industrial Wastewater Pipes
From opportunity
to service.
Identifying opportunities to provide clean water to communities across the United States
Sourcing wastewater equipment and infrastructure from our leading equipment providers
Managing wastewater treatment as operations begin
Solidifying engineered water supply and wastewater solutions for years to come

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UFT services are available in several regions across the country. View our locations map to find the service provider closest to you.
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